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Ever wish you had a friend with a beautiful country house on a beautiful hillside in Lijiang... one who knows the best local restaurants, beautiful hidden places, and would ride a horse across the mountain with you? Well now you do.

Shuhe is the best relax place in Lijiang. We are in the best location in Shuhe, in the edge of the mountain, and right in front the water head. You can see trees, flowers, mountain, and sheep right from your bed. Walking along the hill outside the garden, you may meet the 100 year-old Naxi man reading Shakespeare.

As an intimate boutique villa, C'est la Vie really works as a place where friends and family come to relax, share meals, explore the countryside and cultural minorities, and drink wine late into the night. Email us if you're looking for the perfect location for a group to get together and chill. It is also a perfect venue for your wedding, birthday celebration or team buildings.


No.6, Ren Li She. Shu he Old Town, Lijiang


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Hotel Address: No.6 Ren Li She, Shu he Old Town, Lijiang

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Getting there (local language)


xiansheng/ xiao jie , nin hao , ma fan nin gao su wo shu he de sai wei la jiu dian zen me zou?

Getting there

1. When you have arrived Lijiang by flight, you can take a airport limousine to the city (15yuan). Then the bus will take you to a station, and beside this station there is a supermarket named Li Ke Long (丽客隆). And there is a parking lot near Li Ke Long. You can take a mini-bus to Shu he (2yuan).

2. When you arrived Lijiang,you can take a taxi.(15--20yuan).