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This inn is located in Shuhe Old Town of Lijiang, just about a ten-minute drive from the Dayan Old Town. If you drive by yourself, you can arrive at the doorway of this inn. It takes about four minutes to walk to the Old Sifang Square in Shuhe Old Town. It was designed by local Naxi people, and the style is a traditional courtyard built along a lane represented the local Naxi people in the past that made their own way by managing goods-carrying horse troops.

When living in it, especially in the courtyard, you can feel the Old culture of Naxi people. Making tea and tasting the fresh air under the sun can be a luxury of life in this small courtyard. This is a place eliminating vexations and flippancies. This is a place full of sincere. And this is a place for you to enjoy nature in this small town. Go find it, for your peaceful heart...

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