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Located in the main entrance of the Lijiang Old Town, San He Hotel was built following the traditional Naxi style.

There are three yards in this hotel, and the three names are Fu, Lu, Shou. Fu stands for the heaven, and Lu stands for the earth, and Shou stands for the human beings. These three things are merged together representing unsophisticated sentiment of man and nature in harmonious coexistence of Naxi People.

In the past time, some leather merchant, thorough many generations' management and strive, built this big house. With a big and cycloidal marble in both sides of the principal room named Fu Yuan, and a same cycloidal marble was dug when the families did the ground restoration, this house has became a precious antique in Lijiang Old Town, and it was awarded as Dwelling Under Special Protection by the local government. And the two scarce marbles are valued as the safeguard of this old mansion.



The main house is the Naxi Three Houses with One Screen Wall, which is one of the best, biggest houses protected by the Lijiang Old Town.

San He Hotel is situated in the main entrance of the Lijiang Old Town at Xin Yi Lu.


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Hotel Address: No.4, JiShan Xiang,Xin Yi Street,Old Town , Lijiang

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Getting there

Take the airport shuttle bus to the Lijiang New Town. From there you will need to get to the Old Town Parking Lot, you can take a taxi to GuCheng Parkling Lot or follow the FuHui Road. When you meet the second the traffic light, turn right, 1 minute walk, on the left side, you can see the Big Water Wheel and the KFC. This is the main entry of the Liiang Old Town. Choose the Xin Yi Street, 2 minutes walking, on the left side, you can see the San He Hotel.

The Hotel offers a pick-up service for an extra charge of 200RMB.