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Memory Inn is located in the Old Town of Lijiang. It was built like all the inns in the old town-the old-fashioned and traditional Naxi style.

The hosts who are from Shen Zhen, Guangdong Province designed all the rooms combined with modern and primitive style, which seem simple and unsophisticated. Coffee Bar, Clothes Bar, and Teahouse are mixed with local folk-custom and exotic and fashionable concepts (pretty bourgeoisie, emotional appeal, and homesick) abundantly.

The host Han Xue has made names for every yard.

LOSING MEMORY (In Chinese 失忆回忆): Sunshine Dining Room. Wine and Coffee Bar

SWIRLING CLOUDS IN VIOLET HAZE (In Chinese 云卷云舒): Rooms for Views, Music Zone

COME AND GO (In Chinese 花开花落): Leisure Rooms, Clothes and Books Bar

INVOLUNTARY (自 然而然): Romance Rooms, Private Restaurant

CHARMING OLD TOWN (古道古韵): facilities are being built
No.25 Guang Bi Lane, Guang Yi Street, Old Town, Lijiang, Yunnan, China


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Hotel Address: No.25,Guang Bi Lane,Guang Yi Street,Lijiang Old Town, Lijiang

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Getting there (local language)

In Chinese: 先生,您好,麻烦您指下光碧巷在哪里?忆客栈又在什么方向?谢谢

In Chinese Pinyin: Xian sheng, nin hao, ma fan nin zhi xia guang bi xiang zai na li ?yi ke zhan you zai shen me fang xiang? Xie xie


Getting there

1. When you have arrived Lijiang by flight, you can take No.11th bus to Bai Xin shopping mall. Then go ahead walking along the main Street named Xin Da Jie and you can see the Sifang Suqare. After that, along Qi Yi Jie, you will find the way to Mu's Residence (Mu Fu). This Inn is just in the back of Mu Fu. There are many boards in the Old Town and you can also find Guang Bi lane first. Next, in reference with the family number, you will find the inn, although it seems a little hard for you. The family number is 25.

2. If you still have some problems, you can just send mails to us to have our suggestions. The free and electronic map of the Old Town will be provides for you. Our mail box is Our skype number is "wenqiong2008" or "musewind".