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Sean's spring guesthouse is located in Walnut Garden village in Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge. It is Western styled and most luxurious accommodation in the gorge. Master, he can speak, read and write beast English. He is very modern. They had anything fashionable, like Wifi, TV, Dvd, Fax, Hot tub, act


there are room types:En-suite family room, En-suite B room, En-suiteB.B room, En- suite A room,En-suite A.A room

It is located in Walnut Garden village in Middle Gorge part of  Tiger Leaping Gorge in Shangri-La. about four hour hiking down close to the Yangtze rive. Hiking ladder, pass 'thin strip of sky.' see the rainbow.


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Hotel Address: walnut garden. Tiger Leaping Gorge | Walnut Garden, Shangri-La County Yunnan Provice, Shangri-La. Yunnan

Getting there (local language)

丽江(香格里拉)至桥头 开车2个小时,桥头/山泉客栈开车40 分钟抵达,徒步路线:徒步大概10个小时从桥头/山泉客栈,或者可以选择徒步5小时(6.5小时)在高路茶马客栈(中途)客栈入住一晚,第二天徒步5个小时到山泉客栈。

Getting there

Lijiang(Shangrila) ——qiaotou 2hours drive. 40 minutes drive from Qiaotou to Sean's Spring Guesthouse.Hiking way:hiking  about 10 hours from Qiaotou village to Sean's Spring Guesthouse. or you can hiking fromQiaotou about 5 hours stay one night in Tea horse guest house, and than next day  hiking 5 hours to Sean's Spring Guesthouse.