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The Tea Horse Guesthouse is located in Yacha Village in Tiger Leaping Gorge, it is the best guesthouse/restaurant between Naxi Yage Guesthouse and Halfway Guesthouse. There are few room types: standard rooms, double rooms,triple room and Family room, all rooms have  private bathroom with hot water, also very clean and comfortable. There are many tourists come through for meals or staued here for nights from all around the world throughout all around the year.

The  owner is local people who lives here for long time and without much education, but speaks Chinese, English, even some Korea. you can communite with her to learn local culture and lifestyle or anything which is related to hiking through the gorge.  This guesthouse offers meals(local food or westerner and Chinese mixed food. you also can take rest on their balcony to drink beer ,coffee,tea.and chat with other tourists ,enjoy the warm sunshine and peaceful enviroment. you also can take pictures for the picturesque landscapes and the majesty of the tiger leaping gorge .in the night ,you can hear the sound of water from Yangt-Ze river on gorge ,witch can makes your heart stir.overnight in the guesthouse will be the unforgettable memories in your trip to Shangrila.

Located in Ya Cha Village of Tiger Leaping Gorge in  Shangrila.


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Hotel Address: Yacha jiao village in Tiger Leaping gorge in Shangri-La, Shangri-La

Getting there (local language)

你可以从丽江直接乘车到桥头,大约需要花3 小时,然后徒步6个小时左右到茶马客栈。

Getting there

You can by bus from Lijiang to go Qiaotou Town ,it will spend 3 hours by bus, then begin your hiking from there to tea horse guesthouse takes 6hours.