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Tibet Guest House is located in Walnut Garden village in Middle Tiger Leaping the best location have a view of Middle Gorge in the Tiger Leaping Gorge .the most reasonable prices, the most considerate service, management is the most sincere Tibetan inn.

It is wooden house with full-bodied amorous feelings of the Tibetan architecture, and Tibetan and Han Chinese style restaurant and western-style food supply.The guest house has 24 hours hot water, WiFi, The air conditioning and the self-service kitchen.


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Hotel Address: walnut garden. Tiger Leaping Gorge | Walnut Garden, Shangri-La County Yunnan Provice, Shangri-La. Yunnan

Getting there (local language)

丽江(香格里拉)至桥头 开车2个小时,桥头/卓玛客栈开车40 分钟抵达,徒步路线:徒步大概10个小时从桥头/卓玛客栈,或者可以选择徒步5小时(6.5小时)在高路茶马客栈(中途)客栈入住一晚,第二天徒步5个小时到卓玛客栈。

Getting there

Lijiang(Shangrila) ——qiaotou 2hours drive. 40 minutes drive from Qiaotou to Tibet Guest house.

Hiking way:hiking  about 10 hours from Qiaotou village toTibet Guesthouse. or you can hiking fromQiaotou about 5 hours stay one night in Tea horse guest house, and than next day  hiking 5 hours to Tibet.