About Us


Xintuo Ecotourism Company sports a unique business model in the sense we are both private and public in our ownership and profit sharing. Set up in 2002 the philosophy behind our company is to empower the local people. The Nature Conservancy owns 10% of the company, hence 10% of profits are given to a conservation and community development fund. We employ local Naxi and Yi people who are generally a minority group in China.


Xintuo has been operational for 7 years now and the business is growing from strength to strength. When we first started out we were taking care of approximately 100 passengers per year, now we are servicing close to 800 per year which is a great achievement for us. Our clientele consists of both local professors and students in addition to other tourists which is a great sign. These two groups are showing an eager interest to do more with the local community and supporting eco-tourism.

Sustainable Tourism

We are currently working with a number of NGO's, including TNC, YEN and others in local community projects that help foster traditional culture, maintain the local environment and local resources. Our aim is to promote and further advance the continual growth of the Lijiang area through eco-tourism initiatives.

About Lijiang

Lijiang is a destination steeped in culture and history. You will find ethnic minorities being the chief inhabitants of the old town of Lijiang and the main draw card for tourists - both foreign and domestic - to come and see the traditional lifestyles they still lead today. You will find Naxis, Yi and Bai being the 3 main ethnic groups in Lijiang with the matriarchal society proving to be an interesting subject for tourists.

Lijiang will bless you with fresh clean air, sparkling streams and snow capped mountains on top of a breathtaking landscape. Together with the warm hearted people this destination will not disappoint. Book your hotel and tour in Lijiang with us today!