Kuoshi Festival

Place: Liming,Lijiang  (26 Dec 2020 )

“Kuoshi” in Lisu language means New Yeas. It is traditional festival for Lisu minority. On December 1988, the government of Lisu Antonomous prefecture set up (on) 20, December of every year as legal festival. On that day, Lisu people in different area come to special place to celebrate the festival in their ways, like dancing, singing, toothily, rope skipping, swing, race and so on. Usually before the festival, the people prepare a lot of food, goods for the days: making rice bread, more wooden, kill pigs and goat, do cleaning to welcome the New Years. The people who work in outside must come back to home before the New Year. Every family collects a lot of green pine needle and put them everywhere in and around their house. It means pine needle will clear away evil. The first early morning of New Year, people go to river to get spring water to drink, because there is a says: who is first to get the spring water who will lucky all the coming year.

On the first day of New Year, people cannot visit any other family. They can go hunting, sacrifice mountain god, or do other activities to celebrate the festival.