Middle Autumn Festival

Place: LiJiang area  (08 Sep 2021 )

The 15th in August of lunar calendar is the Chinese traditional Middle Autumn Festival, there is one legend about the origin of the middle autumn festival. it is said in the ancient time ,there are ten suns in the sky, it was very hot everywhere ,people couldn’t plant crops in the fields, one people named HOU YI had a lot of energy and power, so he walked to the top of kunlun mountain. used his bow and arrow to shoot 9suns down. After that he was welcomed by the people and god, there was one beautiful fairy who live in the moon , also fall in love with him, he also loved this fairy, then they married in 15th August of Chinese lunar calendar. in order to express the appreciation to HOU YI, people began to sacrifice him on that day each year, later that day developed into the famous Middle Autumn festival. during that day every family should scarifies the moon, ancestor and put one big censer, and put the different kinds of moon cake which were made by family on the table, and many fruits, such as apple ,pear, banana, after scarifies the moon and ancestor, the family will sit together to eat moon cake and fruits and candies, view the beautiful moon, enjoy the atmosphere of the reunion. on that day most family should stay until up mid night, because in that day the moon is larger and more bright and clear than other day, and people also like talking with family member, because after that day some people will back to work to other places.