Qingming Festival

Place: Lijiang  (05 Apr 2021 )

"Qingming" means the clear and bright. It’s a good time for people to visit and sacrifice their ancestors. Local people say during this time, it is easy to get hypertension. So we need choose the soft, coupled with staunch exercise. Having meals on time and it is better to eat less sweet and more vegetables and fruits. The old men who had hypertension should eat less salt, and corresponding added potassium.

The traditional way is people take food, joss paper, willows, flowers, many different kinds of offerings to graves. During that day, we can clean the grasses and any weeds on and around the graves, also put fresh soil. For the whole year, only on this day people can clean around graves. After cleaning up, we put willows, joss papers, incense on the graves, put some pine needles in front of the tomb, and then put food on the needles. After finishing the ceremony, all the people share the food together and have a nice picnic.

Usually we visit the graves on April 4 or 5, but it will last for 15 days.