San Duo Festival

Place: Baisha Township  (26 Feb 2021 )

Sanduo Festival is the one of the grand festivals Naxi people spend in Lijiang. It’s celebrated on lunar Feb 8th each year and has been a traditional and legal holiday for Lijiang.

Legend goes that: in old times, a hunter stumbled upon a grotesque snow-white rock on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain when hunting. He decided to carry it home. The rock is so light that he could lift it with ease. But when he arrived at the foot of the mountain and stopped for short break for smoking; to his surprise, when he  wanted to continue his journey, he couldn’t move the rock any more. He came home without rock and told village people about this situation. Many people thought that rock was the avatar of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, then a shrine named Beiyuemiao was built for the avatar. Since then, Naxi people claimed they would see a god wears white coat and white helmet, holding a white spear and riding a white horse. It’s Sanduo God. Sanduo has been regarded as the Protector for Naxi people always sheltering Naxi in time of need.

It is believed that Sanduo God was born in the year of goat. Therefore, on the goat day of February 8th, a goat is sacrificed to him. Feb 8th has been decided as Sanduo Festival which is the most significant celebration of Naxi people in Lijiang. During the day many Naxi people from all around came to visit Beiyuemiao Shrine, offering sacrifice to Sanduo God, Lijiang Municipality will set three days off as public holiday.