Lijiang Local Events

Add a splash of colour to your trip by coinciding it with one of the many vibrant and interesting Lijiang events. Check back here regularly for the latest information about upcoming news, celebrations, festivals and events in Lijiang.

Exchange Market
Place: Lijiang  (10 Jul 2018 - 25 Jul 2018 )

There are 2 exchange markets in Lijiang, one is during March, and the other is in July. Both last about 15 days.

Zhuanshan (Walk around the Mountain) Festival
Place: Lugu (Hu) Lake Area  (09 Aug 2018 )

The Musuo people of Lugu Lake are revered as the only living matriarchal society in the world. For the Zhuanshan Festival, this Naxi minority sub-group dress in their best clothes to worship the Gemu (Lion) Goddess Mountain and pray for her protection.

Middle Autumn Festival
Place: LiJiang area  (08 Sep 2018 )

The 15th in August of lunar calendar is the Chinese traditional Middle Autumn Festival, on that dayhe family will sit together to eat moon cake and fruits and candies, view the beautiful moon, enjoy the atmosphere of the reunion.. on that day most family should stay until up mid night, because in that day the moon is larger and more bright and clear than other day.

Kuoshi Festival
Place: Liming,Lijiang  (26 Dec 2018 )

Kuoshi Festival is one of biggest and traditional festival for Lisu minority. Lisu people in different places use different ways to celebrate it!

Spring Festival
Place: LiJiang area  (18 Feb 2019 - 19 Feb 2019 )
 The Spring Festival starts from the first day in January of Chinese Lunar Calendar, it is the most important and lively Chinese traditional festival. It has long history, it originated from activites to sacrifice the ancestors during the last day of each year and the first day the next year. It is the most happy and union days for Chinese. 
San Duo Festival
Place: Baisha Township  (26 Feb 2019 )

Sanduo Festival  celebrated on lunar Feb 8th each year, Sanduo Festival which is the most significant celebration of Naxi people in Lijiang. During the day many Naxi people from all around came to visit Beiyuemiao Shrine, offering sacrifice to Sanduo God,and has been a traditional and legal holiday for Lijiang.

Bangbang Festival(Lantern Festival)
Place: market in outside of Lijiang Old Town  (05 Mar 2019 )

the Bangbang festival (also called Lantern Festival) is one of the grand festivals for Naxi people in Lijjiang. It’s celebrated on Jan.15 Chinese Lunar Calender.On that day, the Naxi people cook glutinous rice ball(Chinese Tianyuan) themselves,In the evening,Naxi people go to the ancient Lijiang city, floating lanterns on river

Qingming Festival
Place: Lijiang  (05 Apr 2019 )

Qingming Festival is one festival of importance for people to visit the graveyard of their ancestors.