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Naxi homestay located in small village which is far away from Lijiang Old Town about 15km, it only takes about 1hour by local is owned by Naxi family.
The house was built in traditional Naxi style which consists of three plastered houses with wooden constructions and stone foundations.
In the middle of the family’s house, there is a small square that full of ornamental plants, fragrant flowers and fruit trees.
The mountain spring comes down from Jade dragon Snow mountain in north of Lijiang and flows in canals of the yard, chickens and pigs are wandering around. Standing on the terrace of the second floor of the house, you could enjoy a great view of the Lashi lake which is surrounded by abundant farmlands and scattered villages in the hiding of dense tree shades. The hospitable Naxi family will cook great Naxi foods and serve fresh fruits that they grew by themselves in their garden, and it’s a good opportunity to experience Naxi daily life in such a peaceful and natural surroundings.
  You can reach the place by a nice cycle tour around the Lashi lake or by walking trip in one day,on the way you could have a chance to visit a Tibetan monastery. You also can do day hiking tour up to Yi village in mountain.

it is located in west of Lijiang city and far away from Lijiang Old town about 15km, takes about 30minutes.


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Hotel Address: Nanyao village, Lashi Lake, Yulong County,Lijiang City, Lijiang

Getting there (local language)


Getting there

you can take Bus No.30 from oppsite of Zhongyi Market in Lijiang city to Nanyao village which is the last stop. then you can walk about 15minutes up to homestay